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Madhya Pradesh Pratibha Kiran Yojana 2021 | Online Registration | Eligibility

Pratibha Kiran Yojana was started to offer girls the opportunity to attain a higher education through scholarship programs. The financial situation of many families prevents children who are highly regarded in their studies from acquiring further education.

Government scholarship programs have been launched for the poorest girls, including Pratibha Kiran Yojana. This can lead to the provision of financial assistance for the needy. Thus he can continue with his further studies. Those promising girls can be encouraged to finish their studies in order to raise the level of education.


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Pratibha Kiran Yojana 2021

A scholarship is awarded to the meritorious girl students who pass the 12th standard with a first class, through this scheme. Only the girl students receive benefits under this program. The lack of funds will no longer force students to stop studying. Providing them scholarship now is the government's way of giving back. 

Scholarships of Rs 4000 are awarded to girl students under the Pratibha Kiran Yojana. The scholarship will be given only to those students who have achieved a first class in their 12th standard i.e. more than 60% marks. For one to take advantage of this, he or she must first apply for which certain criteria have been outlined. Benefits will be given only after completion. Government of Madhya Pradesh is running this scheme. Girls at the school will benefit from it.

Benefits of Pratibha Kiran Scheme

From this scheme, there will be many benefits, the biggest benefit is that students from low-income families who cannot continue their studies for economic reasons can do this. Therefore, education will be improved. A poor family cannot prevent its daughter from continuing her studies due to the benefits of higher education. 

So she can continue studying after 12th grade. With the Pratibha Kiran Scheme, education will be encouraged. All the girls will try to get good grades and get the scholarship. This will make people take an interest in teaching girls and raise the level of education. In addition to benefiting from this, the girl will also be able to continue her studies.


In order to receive the benefit of the scheme, one has to meet certain requirements and complete an eligibility process after which the benefit of the scheme will be given. Which are as follows: -

·         Madhya Pradesh has run this scheme, so residents of that state will also be able to benefit from it.

·         You need to pass the first year of 12th standard to receive this benefit.

·         Students from BPL families will receive the Pratibha Kiran Yojana.

·         Studying 12th grade is required to take advantage of this program.

·         The benefit of this program will be given to meritorious students from SC/ST/BPL families in urban areas.

·         The benefits of this scheme are only available after meeting these eligibility requirements.

Important document

For this it is necessary to have the following documents: -

  • ·         Aadhaar Card

  • ·         Basic address proof
  • ·         Income certificate
  • ·         Caste certificate
  • ·         Composite ID
  • ·         Bank passbook
  • ·         Passport size photo
  • ·         10th Table / Marksheet
  • ·         12th grade marks / Marksheet
  • ·         College certificate
  • ·         Mobile number


Pratibha Kiran Yojana Online Registration

After fulfilling the above criteria, you can apply online for the scheme. The first step in applying for this is to visit the official Pratibha Kiran Yojana website.


  • ·         You can also directly reach the official site through the link provided here. http://www.scholarshipportal.mp.nic.in/

    Madhya Pradesh Pratibha Kiran Yojana 2021

  • ·         You will see the Homepage in front of you, where options can be seen on the right side.
  • ·         On this page, you'll have to register yourself.
  • ·         Next, a new page will appear in your mouth, which you will want to read, and then click Continue.
  • Madhya Pradesh Pratibha Kiran Yojana 2021

  • ·         Your Aadhaar number needs to be filled in on the new page after clicking here.
  • ·         To verify the number, you must click Recheck And Verify after filling it in.
  • ·         You now need to fill out a registration form in your web browser.
  • ·         Please fill in all the information asked by this carefully.
  • ·         Documents seeking access will have to be uploaded.
  • ·         Once that's done, you have to check the form again to make sure there hasn't been a mistake and then submit it.


You can fill in the form for the Pratibha Kiran Yojana this way. If you would like to find out more about this, visit the official website of the department in question.


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