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National Urban Livelihoods Mission | Complete Details of All Components | New Registration 2021 @nulm.gov.in

Indian governments launched the (DAY-NULM) Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana, a National Urban Livelihoods Mission. Getting poor urban households out of poverty is the central aim of the scheme. The nation provides skilled wage opportunities and self-employment opportunities for people to enhance their standard of living. In addition, shelter is provided by the government credits, social security and the like to those in need, especially the homeless, who lack adequate shelter. In order to participate in the scheme, for more information on the scheme please visit the official portal of the DAY-NULM.

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National Urban Livelihoods Mission. Scheme (DAY-NULM)

In this article, we explain the NULM online registration process. (Day-NULM) The Login Procedure and its components are available at the official portal.

Procedure for DAY-NULM User Login

As shown below, here is the online procedure for User Login on the Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana, a National Urban Livelihoods Mission. Portal. (DAY-NULM)

Visit Official Website of DAY National Urban Livelihood Mission online.
They are taken to the below home page.

On the same page, click the Login button.
Enter the User Name, Password, and the Captcha Code.

The Login Button is used to log in.
It then brings online applicants to their dashboards.

Procedure for New Application Registration of DAY NULM

Here are the steps you need to take to apply for the Deendayal Antyoday Yojana – National Urban Livelihood Mission online.

Check out DAY National Urban Livelihoods Mission official portal.
The online user is then directed to the following page.

Open the freshly opened page and then enter your Aadhar number and name as per your Aadhar.
Please check the box: I consent to the sharing of our Aadhaar information.
On the following page, enter your mobile number.

On the following page, enter the mobile number as it is shown.
Once authorized, OTPs are generated and sent to the mobile number registered with the portal.
Submit the form by clicking on Submit.
Then it takes applicants directly to their registration form.
Select the ULB and the State/District.
Enter or select Salutation, Name, Urban Low-Income Population, Indigenous Population, Distance between his residence and TC, and his status as a minority.

Choose your gender, the name of your father, mother, or guardian, the surname, your date of birth, your category, your Aadhar number and the type of ID.
What is the difference between the Present Address and a permanent address?
Does the Candidate belong to a specific area?
Do you offer residential training to the candidate?
Tell me if you are self-boarding, a member of a street hawker group, and if you are a street walker.
Type in the date, sector type, training type, and sector, as well as the course information.
Click the checkbox of the declaration and verify all the details.
You will see an SMS once you have saved.
Make any further details in your registration, and keep the details in a safe place for future reference.

Full Details of National Urban Livelihoods Mission MIS Components

Here is a list of the components that that are part of the DAY- National Urban Livelihoods Mission.

Training and Placement through Employment through Skill Training – ESTP
ESTP Is stand for Job placement and skill training programs.
In addition to providing skill training, the program aims Offering jobs on a salary for the urban poor.
Moreover, this program seeks to help fill the skills gap through skill training programs.
Under the ESTP there are a variety of courses, which varies in length depending on the course.
SEP stands for Self Employment Programme.
Under this programme encourages self-employment (SEP), there are two different sub-programs: SEP-I and self-employment for groups is called self-employment programme (SEP-G).
SEP beneficiaries will have access to loans through their SEP scheme. SEP-I has a maximum limit of 2 Lakhs, while SEP-G has a maximum of 5 Lakhs.
A previously approved loan does not make the applicant eligible for a new loan.
A loan will be subsidized in more than one installment.
SEP's loan applications are screened by the number of available group members (ideally 5 members) and the required documentation. 

Social Mobilization and Institutional Development-SMID

  • Urban poverty alleviation is termed as an investment through SM & ID.
  • The members are divided into groups of different people headed by one person (women would be preferred).
  • Again, two sub-groups exist. These are on an area and a local level.

·         The poor are seen as a unit in these groups.

SUH is a shelter for the homeless.

SUH stands for we aim to provide housing for the homeless in urban areas. A safe and comfortable home for homeless people in our city.

There are two types of SUH shelters, shelters are in two types: general shelters and special shelters. 

Government special shelters provide shelter for the elderly, the mentally ill, recovering patients and their families.

Generally, general shelters include men shelters, women shelters and family shelters.

Support to Urban Street Vendors – SUSV

Street vendors in urban areas. Aim to gain economic growth through SUSV.
Vendor Market Development, street vendor survey, and street vendor plan. Are three sub-components of the SUSV.
The SMMU and ULB/CMMU both announce the amount allocated for the Street Vendor Plan, the Vendor Market Development, and the Survey on Street Vendors.
Training Agencies will receive the money from ULB/CMMU.

 CBT stand for Capacity Building and Training Programmes 

A central objective of CBT is to transform the roles of Agencies of the State in charge of eliminating urban poverty Technical Assistance into high-quality providers in the area of the promotion of livelihoods and reduction of urban poverty.
In order to help implement DAY- National Urban Livelihoods Mission efficiently, it aims to construct strong institutions at Nationally, state-wide, and city-wide 
DAY- National Urban Livelihoods Mission entails building help urban poor build their capacity, as well as the machinery and machinery used for its execution.

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