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CLSS Awas CLAP Portal, Subsidy Calculator, Status

 The government of India provides the Credit Link Subsidy as part of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. In this article, we will discuss the CLSS Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojana initiative as well as the specification of the clap portal. In this guide, we will share how you can check the application status using You can also find a tutorial that shows you how you can assess your eligibility and calculate your subsidy.

CLAP Portal-

Pradhanmantri Awas Yojana's authorities developed the clap portal to handle various activities, including the calculation of subsidies, tracking application status, and many other procedures. Pradhanmantri Awas Yojana beneficiaries who applied for the credit-linked subsidy will be required to complete the procedures. The clap portal is an official web page developed by the government for the general public's benefit.

Central Nodal Agenises

National Housing Bank, State Bank of India, and Housing and Urban Development Department work as nodal agencies centrally to monitor, monitor, and canalize loan subsidy payments to the primary lending institute. It is possible that more institutions will be identified as CANs in the future for the smooth operation of the programs.

CLSS PM Awas Extention for MIG

The MIG was incorporated into the CLSS with effect from 1st January 2017. In the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, the authorities have extended the deadline for the Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme until March 31, 2021. This extension will benefit 2.5 lakh families with middle incomes. With this investment for the FY 2020-2021, many allied industries, such as cement, steel, glass, and metal, will benefit. Apart from this, it will boost heavy material transport and job opportunity for the skilled and unskilled workforce.

ARHCS for Migrants Workers/ Urban Poor

Amidst the current crisis and threat from COVID-19, the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs of the Government of India wants to help the migrant workers and urban poor. Affordable Rental Housing Complexes were created for this purpose by the authorities. This new scheme will target migrants, urban poor from the industrial, service industry, manufacturing, institutional, nonprofit, and association sectors. The authorities will be using existing housing stock (JNNURM/RAY) and private/public agencies will be building new houses.

Features Of Portal

For the general public to take advantage of CLSS Subsidy, the Clap portal offers the following features:

The clap portal will have a transparent mechanism for the public at large.
Clap will allow all residents to track their subsidies from the convenience of their homes.
Having the subsidy tracked online will eliminate the requirement that beneficiaries visit their local offices.
In addition to calculating your subsidy, you can do so on the portal.
The website will also allow beneficiaries to create an application ID.

Benefits of CLAP Portal

    It saves applicants time.
    By using this portal, you can avoid scrubbing and delays in payments.
    The system integrates with UIDAI, PMAY (U) MIS, Central Nodal Agency, and PLIs servers in real-time.
    This site allows beneficiaries to calculate the subsidy.

    Objective of CLAP Portal

    CLAP is designed, developed, and implemented to accomplish the following goals:

    Before the subsidy claim is uploaded, Aadhaar must be validated and the application forms must be de-duplicated.

    Unique Application IDs are generated for each record.

    A tracker is available for beneficiaries to track the status of their application, like the CLSS tracker.

    SMS alerts will be sent to the borrower and co-borrower when their application is approved.

    It is designed to prevent clubbing and delays in payments by individually processing records.


    1) What is the CLSS Awas portal?

    Credit Linked Subsidy is a central sector scheme under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban) wherein interest subsidy on home loans is provided through CNAs and PLIs to the EWS/LIG/ MIG beneficiaries for purchase, construction, or enhancement of house.

    2) How can I check my CLSS status?

    To check the CLSS status, applicants can call National Housing Bank (NHB) or Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO). The toll-free numbers are NHB: 1800-11-3377, 1800-11-3388. HUDCO: 1800-11-6163.
    3) How can I check my subsidy status in CLSS?
    If you choose to track your PMAY status by selecting option 2 i.e. 'By Assessment ID', you simply need to enter the assessment ID provided to you at the time of the application. You are also prompted to enter the phone number provided by you in the application form.

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